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RHST Industries is a Canadian environmental technology company. We’ve created a water preservation pearl that is revolutionizing farming with its proven applications in the soil-based, hydroponic and greenhouse farming industries. 


With the use of our water pearls, crops experience an increase in growth, plant yield, reduced water consumption and no bacteria formation in the water or soil. 

Made of organic compounds and can be used in soil and hydroponic installations.


Our water pearls improve the performance of all agricultural systems, while reducing the strain on the water demands.


Clean Agriculture

The technology at the heart of the company is ushering the new age of farming with its proven applications in the soil-based, hydroponic and greenhouse farming industries.  Considered a Sustainable Land Management (SLM) practice that helps close yield gaps and enhance resilience for Land Degradation Neutrality (LDN).

Water pearls can be used in any acidity level and prevents the formation of bacteria, fungus and weeds - reducing water evaporation and the use of pesticides and biocides in all farming environments. Existing skills of present-day farmers are suitable for this technology. Other benefits include:

Arid Soil-Based Farming

  • Reduces water consumption by 50 – 80% from current methods

  • Increases plant yield by 20 – 30% without the use of additional fertilizers

  • Food produced can be certified organic

  • Enables use of brackish irrigation water in sandy soils

  • Water pearls require no maintenance or upkeep

Hydroponic & Greenhouse Farming

  • Reduces water consumption by 30 - 40% by drastically reducing evaporation

  • Suppression of bacteria & algae

  • Requires no complex water filtration

  • Lowers relative humidity reducing risk of disease and facilitates transpiration

  • Water pearls are easy to handle and enable moveable format installations

Reverse Desertification, Reforestation, & Afforestation

Harnessing deserts into agricultural lands, creating carbon sinks, preventing desertification, and affecting climate change on a micro level establishes a sustainable development model for food security, while reducing the risk of sandstorms.

Ecological Restoration Cost Improvement

Enhancing the growth of selected plants by giving them a competitive edge in a diverse system of natural and cultural vegetation cover in planned botanical sites reduces maintenance costs while improving outcomes.

How it works?



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Pointe Claire, QC

H9R 5P9, Canada

T: 1.514.693.5155 ext 222

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